Oregon Coast Carriers, LLC

Advantages of Hot Shot Trucking

There are many advantages to using hot shot trucking companies like ours. Here are just a few examples of why you should use hot shot freight companies to move your good and parts.

•    Lightning-fast shipping. The main advantage to using hot shot companies is on-demand delivery. Hot shot 

      service provides you with an option for getting goods or parts to any destination in the fastest possible 

      timeframe. No matter what your requirement, a hotshot truck will do everything possible to ensure that your

      delivery is carried out on time.

•    Smaller trucks. Hot shot hauling companies have smaller loads on smaller trucks, which is great for you 

      because you won’t have to wait around to fill a massive semi-truck full of other goods.

•    On-call truck drivers. Hot shot transportation companies have drivers on-call, just waiting to fulfill your 

      order from the loading dock to its destination.

•    Save on hot shot shipping rates. Because you are dealing with smaller trucks and smaller loads, there is

      less overhead to cover. That means a more competitive landscape, leading to lower hot shot services prices.

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